FREE ONLINE B2B Marketing Conference Valencia (hosted by WebPartner)

Think Big. Execute Smart. Deliver Growth

Today, marketing leaders are expected to guide strategic decision-making and drive revenue growth. At the B2B Marketing Conference Valencia 2018, you will learn how to bring your marketing vision to life as a customer-centric strategy that delivers real results for the business – and execute your plans with the right mix of talent, technologies, programs, and partners.

For whom B2B Marketing Conference Valencia 2018:
Business Owners and Founders

What will you get:
Learn tactics and tools of the B2B marketing niche from the 8 high-effective european experts
Gather ideas on what and how to test B2B strategies
Be inspired about B2B marketing and what it can do for you and your profession or business growth
1. Andrei Zinkevich (Founder at Getleado): How to create an effective B2B marketing strategy and stable flow of high-quality B2B leads
2. Ricardo Ghekiere (Founder, Fast Forward): How to set up your growth experiment process within your company
3. Juraj Zamborský (Head of Sales at Kontentino): How to arrange and close more deals with your product demo
4. Stapho Thienpont (Founder, Marketing Family): How to use Linkedin content for inbound b2b marketing
5. Gilles DC (Head of Growth at Growth Revolution): How to be magnetic in an age where everyone is screaming for attention
6. Guillaume Moubeche (Founder, lemlist): How to get leads on autopilot? A simple way to automate your acquisition on 3 different channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Email)
7. Gavrikov Andrey (Co-Founder, Completo): How digital-marketers can increase B2B-sales
8. Karl Karafiat (Founder, Sleighdogs): Feeding the Cats – Influencing (B2B) Decision Making
9. Victoria Belyakova (Founder, Webpartner): Moderator

The participation is FREE, but Webinar Recordings Available for Purchase.

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