Who am I

victoria belyakova Hi, everyone. My name is Victoria Belyakova. Let’s get settled and get acquainted 🙂
In brief: I’m an Inbound Social Media and Content Marketing specialist. Also I am a blogger and videoblogger: I tell Russian-speaking people about life in Spain and help them with moving here.

I boost companies’ profits with inbound social media strategy (in particular, Facebook) and content marketing.

I specialize in the Russian-speaking Market. But I’ve also had success with English and Spanish speaking target audiences.

A few facts about me:

  • Moved to Spain in 2014
  • In 4 years, more than 50 Spanish companies have become my clients or partners


Annual business forum of Russian-speaking entrepreneurs in Spain WEBPARTNER (200 attendees)

One of the most active communities for Russian-speaking immigrants on Costa Blanca (Spain).

More reviews on my work please read here.

What kind of person am I?

  • I appreciate the time of my clients as well as my own. Communicating with other people I always prefer to stick to the point
  • In friendship and cooperation I always strive for a win-win strategy
  • I believe that time and reputation are far more valuable than money
  • I believe that everyone is able to make our world a little better. That’s why I am actively engaged in charity projects and call on all my friends and subscribers to join in.

I believe my strong qualities are:

  • Working for result
  • Finding quick and efficient solutions to complex business tasks
  • Creativity and passion: helping to increase my clients’ profit through marketing without paid advertising. I am in love with inbound marketing
  • My partners and clients say that I’m excellent at generating a strong vision of their businesses and that I spot opportunities where no one else does.

Thank you for your interest in me. If you think, I can help you , please, contact me now.