Check-List. How to launch and grow Facebook Community

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Check-List. How to launch and grow Facebook Community.

So, you want to launch a Facebook-community, let me share my experience with you. I administrate one of the most active communities in Spain.
Hopefully, some info would be useful for you.

Answer these questions before creating a group:

  • For whom (define your target audience).
  • What for (group’s objective; what and how you plan to sell over there).
  • Find and analyze existent groups featuring a similar topic.

What’s good about them? What’s still missing? What is the value of your group for its participants?

    • Think through collaboration options with admins of other groups. Online networking is what really works good.

“Settings” Section:

  • Title (add key words, clearly define the group’s purpose and the name of your city if you have a local business). Find the relevant name with Google Keyword Tool
  • Confidentiality settings (public, closed, secret (limited access))
  • Group types (support groups, club, parents, neighbors, etc.)
  • Add questions for those who wants to join your group to define if they are your target audience.
    Also you can ask them leave their email and subscribe for newsletter or chat bot etc.

    Аlways think about VALUE for its members. Your group should serve for its members needs, and your service or product should solve their problem.

  • Define the group’s rules (do not forget about value for each member)
  • Add topics

  • Group description (with key words, about what and for whom, group rules, answers to frequently asked questions, rubric reference, useful links and contacts)
  • Marks
  • Location

Additional settings

  •  Create a cover for the group. Download free PSD-Template here (without registration )
    Check the way your cover looks from computer, phone, tablet
  • Establish your communication style and the way you’ll address the participants
    (I mean the way how you handle with the members (B2B Marketers and Founders, BTW, Rockstars, etc.)

Invite participants

  • Send message-invitation to your friends (if they are your target audience).
  • Newsletter with announcement
  • Add embed code. The Group Plugins lets people join your Facebook group from a link in an email message or a web page.
  • Link your group to business page and invite its subscribers
  • Post an announcement on your personal page (you life event option)
  • If you want to grow your community fast, launch a paid adv with invitation to group from business pages
  • Use your other social media resources and Youtube to promote the group. Add its link everywhere.
  • Find an influencer for promoting
  • Ask partners and friends about mutual PR


What to do for the group growth:

  • Look through statistics and elaborate development plans based on this data. Choose the best day and time for your posts.
  • Organize contests and giveaways.
  • Diverse content (photos, video, live streams and interviews, Stories, events, surveys).
  • Not more than 20% of reposts from your and other business-pages.
  • Participate in offline events in your field (hand out business cards, set roll up, sincerely love your group, and always invite all potentially interested people).
  • Encourage participants to actively take part in life of the group. Give some bonuses to the most active users.
  • Paid advertisement on your business page, advertisement with bloggers (Discuss mutual PR options).

Don’t copy anyone. Be useful and really unique

 Topics search:

  • Forums and Q&A websites in your filed
  • Analysis of popular search requests (Google Keywords)
  • Google trends (what’s popular in the world right now, search according to your target audience (TA) and topic)
  • Google Alerts (email subscription settings based on your topic)
  • Closely study and observe issues and interests of your TA
  • Never stop growing as an expert and constantly learn new things in your fields. Share your experience with community.
  • Use questions and comments of the group’s participants as ideas for new posts
  • Explore these services to find trending content
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